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Aluminum Strip For Fin Type Condensers

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2021-06-24 17:09

Aluminum strip for fin type condensers, especially hydrophilic pre-coated aluminum strip, which has the properties of hydrophilic, deep drawing forming, and thinning and stretching forming. Hydrophilic pre-coated film aluminum strip foil 3003 8011 3102 for heat sink condenser is the best choice material for air conditioner heat exchanger to achieve high performance, miniaturization and light weight.
aluminum strip for fin type condensers


Condensed water is easy to produce on the evaporator and condenser. If hydrophilic aluminum strip for fin type condensers materials are not used, the water will form as water droplets, which will cause dripping problems, and the formed water droplets will easily cause the bridging problem of the two fin inspection and block the flow of wind. Therefore, with hydrophilic aluminum strip materials, the condensed water will spread out on the hydrophilic materials and flow into the drainage system based on the attached hydrophilic aluminum strip foil. The color of hydrophilic aluminum strip are mainly gold, black and blue, they are exactly the same in terms of hydrophilic effect, and there is no difference.

The aluminum strip for fin type condensers has changed from thick foil in the past to thin foils at present. In terms of the heat treatment state, the state of the foil has been developed to the state of selection. In order to obtain high-strength and high-extensibility materials, one method is to produce thin and hard foils by adding trace elements to industrial pure aluminum. Japan has widely used industrial pure aluminum with trace amounts to produce heat sink aluminum foils. Another method is to develop new alloys. After hot rolling and cold rolling, the rod-shaped compounds are broken and dispersed to play a role of dispersion strengthening. After annealing, a fine-grained structure is obtained. This type of alloy has higher tensile strength, lower yield strength and higher plasticity.

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