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Aluminium Strips For Finstock

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2021-06-17 16:44

Aluminium strips for finstock are applied to heat exchangers, radiators, condensers, cooling, evaporators of air conditioners and refrigerators. At present, the main alloy grades of aluminum strips used for air conditioning finstocks on the market are 8011, 3102, 1100, 8006 and other aluminum alloys, and the tempers are mainly O, H22 and H26. The thickness is 0.09-0.2mm, the width is 100-1300mm, and the inner diameter of the die is 76mm/152mm. Aluminum strip for air-conditioning fins (air-conditioning strip for short) is divided into air-conditioning bare strip foil and hydrophilic strip foil. Air conditioning heat exchanger aluminum strips, which is what we often call "aluminum fins".

  aluminium strips for finstock

Aluminum foil strip is the key material of air-conditioning heat exchanger, which plays the role of air convection heat exchange. Like the copper tube of heat exchanger, it is the main component of the heat exchanger. Aluminum fin strip foil molding quality and expanded shape and size have a great influence on the heat exchange efficiency and manufacturing cost of the heat exchanger. The usual hydrophilic aluminium strips for finstock not only has better hydrophilicity, but also has higher corrosion resistance, and then optimizes the function of the air conditioner. The surface of hydrophilic aluminum strip foil has strong hydrophilicity and also has certain corrosion resistance. Its main function is to drain, to avoid the influence of the water droplets between the heat exchange fins on the ventilation effect of the heat exchanger, thereby improving the heat exchange rate of the air conditioner.

The8011 8006 aluminium strips for finstock has the advantages of good plate shape, good coating performance, high coating adhesion, good hydrophilicity, and good corrosion resistance. The air conditioner is mainly composed of three parts: refrigeration system, air circulation system and electric control system. The tube-fin heat exchanger is currently a main form of air-conditioning heat exchanger. This type of tube-fin heat exchanger is mainly composed of heat exchange tubes and fins. Since the fins are punched out of aluminum foil strip, the air-conditioning fin heat exchanger serves as a part of the condenser to dissipate heat.

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