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Aluminum Foil Strip | Aluminum Strip Foil

  • MOQ:2 to 5MT
  • Port:Shanghai,Qing Dao, China
  • Payment Terms:L/C,TT,CAD
  • Delivry Time:15 to 30days
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Product Introduction

The Aluminum Foil Strip is mainly used for refrigerator, cable ,capacitor shell material, steal-protection cover, cable sheathing, composite pipe and tube, water pipe etc. It has the property of deep drawing, high thickness accuracy, and low earring rate, etc.

Product Details

Alloy Temper Thickness Width Application
O, H12, H14
H16, H18
0.02-4.0 5-100  
Cable, Cosmetic cap,
Aluminium composite pipe,
aluminium hose or tube,
electrical transforme,
shutter, aluminium battery 
O 0.10-0.20 100-300 Cable, Wrap
1060, 1100,8011 O, H22 0.20-1.5 30-250 Aluminium plastic
composite pipe
1060, 1070 O 0.20-2.0    100- 1200          Low voltae electrical
8011 H18, H19 0.08-0.10 140-600 Water tank radiator
in Automobile
8011 O 0.08-0.13 60 aluminium tube for ventilator
5052, 3004 H19 0.125-0.25   15-100       Shutter
3004 O 0.25-0.40 85-400 aluminium lamp base

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