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Transformer aluminium strip quality standard

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2018-06-12 15:31

The transformer aluminium strip stands for the aluminium strips which used for making transformer winding in aluminum transformers. So it is also called as aluminium strips for transformer. The usually used grades are 1060-O, the thickness is 0.2mm--3.0mm and the width is 20mm-1600mm. The quality standard of the surface and edge are smooth surface, no scratches and little oil, the edges can be chamfered by rounded angles or edges without burrs.

transformer aluminium strip

The foil type winding is made of aluminium strip for transformer with different thicknesses as the conductors, and the insulating material in the form of broadband is used for the interlayer insulation, and the insulating material with narrow strips is used for the end insulation, and the winding is completed once on the foil winding machine to form a coiled coil. At the same time, the inner and outer leads of the coil are welded and the outer surface is bandaged.

The main technical features of the transformers which adopts transformer aluminium strips which replace the traditional copper-wound are:
1. Use a fully automatic winding method to obtain high quality coils.
2. Since the winding is precisely positioned on the ferrite, the electrical performance is stable, especially if only the windings, and the characteristics can be displayed more clearly.
3. Foil winding process allows the use of small cross-sectional area of the conductor, transmission efficiency will not decrease with the increase of frequency.
4. Foil winding transformers meet international standards and are primarily economical.
5. Under the same electrical performance conditions, the use of aluminum strips instead of copper wire, so that the cost is lower, the transformer weight is lighter. Its design principles and materials used have been applied to capacitor manufacturing for many years.

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