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Electrical Conductive Aluminum Strip

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2022-04-22 16:29

Electrical conductive aluminum strip is a kind of function application of aluminum strip product, it is mainly used for transformer winding. At present, the international raw materials for electronic products are no longer purely dependent on copper strips. Since the electrical conductivity of aluminum is only lower than that of copper, the replacement of copper strips by aluminum strips is becoming an international trend. Since the price of copper is much higher than that of aluminum , So the most commonly used material for transformer strips is aluminum strip. The main grades of transformer aluminum strips are A1060(O), which are mainly used in the high and low voltage windings of dry-type transformers as conductive materials.


electrical conductive aluminum strip

Due to its excellent electrical conductivity, high resistance to oxidation and environmental erosion (including resistance to other non-chlorine-containing acids), electrical conductive aluminum strip is widely used in the electronics industry to provide good connections for wire connectors. Transformer aluminum strip refers to the conductive aluminum strip mainly made of 1-series alloy as the core raw material for winding inside the motor. The conductivity of the aluminum strip for transformer is 35.33 and the resistivity is 0.0283mm^2/m. 1060 aluminum strip is used for transformer aluminum strip, which has excellent performance, stable quality, low density, low price and more cost-effective. This is also the core advantage of transformer aluminum strip.

To 1060 alloy-based electrical conductive aluminum strip products, because of the high aluminum content, 1060 aluminum strip is generally selected as conductive material, and the alloy of 1060 aluminum strip contains about 99.60% aluminum, It has the characteristics of high conductivity, soft quality, smooth surface and no burrs. Therefore, it is mainly used as a dry-type transformer. In the case of the same high quality, aluminum is of course the priority as the transformer aluminum strip than copper strip.

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