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Aluminium Finstock Strip

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2021-12-10 15:59

Aluminium finstock strip refers to air conditioner heat exchanger aluminum strip, which is what we often call "aluminum fins". Aluminum foil strip is a key material for air conditioner heat exchangers. Like the copper tubes of heat exchangers, it is very important and affects the overall performance of the heat exchanger. Because aluminum strip has the advantages of low density, good thermal conductivity, easy processing, odorless, environmental protection and low price.

aluminium finstock strip

The air conditioner production process also has higher requirements on the shape of the aluminium finstock strip. The general heat exchange sheet punching production line uses vacuum suction cups for aluminum strip transportation. If the aluminum strip has a bad plate shape and the surface is uneven, the vacuum suction method of the aluminum strip foil will not work properly. Aluminum strip for air conditioner have alloy and temper of 3102, 8011-H22/H24/H26, the typical thickness is 0.08~0.2mm, the processing method are punching to fins, the final use of aluminum strip: making heat transfer fins for air conditioning heat exchangers.

There are many type of aluminium finstock strip products on the market. The light aluminum strip foil without any anti-corrosion coating is silver, and there is no anti-corrosion coating on the surface. At present, the fins of many air conditioners have anticorrosive coatings, many of which are blue and green, in order to improve the corrosion resistance of the fins. Above, hydrophilic aluminum foil strip is generally coated. The hydrophilic layer can make the water in the hot air condensed on the heat exchange fins easy to spread out and flow down the sheet, so as to prevent the water droplets between the heat exchange fins from "bridging" the heat exchanger and affecting the heat exchanger ventilation effect is improved, so that the heat exchange rate is increased by 5%.

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