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Face Mask Strip Manufacturer

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2021-10-13 16:17

Face mask strip manufacturer - Haomei Aluminum provide 1060 aluminum strips for nose bridge of face masks. The function of the bridge of the nose is to make the face mask fit the face better, and to ensure that bacteria are not easy to enter the respiratory tract. The nose bridge of the face mask needs to have a good force-bearing shape, will not rebound under the condition of no force, and keep the existing shape without deformation. There are many nose bridges strips on the market, some of which are cheap and expensive. Is there a difference between them, and where is the difference? Judging from the surface of the aluminum nose bridge of the face mask, it is generally smooth and without burrs. From the material point of view, some manufacturers use A1100 as the raw material. The price is relatively cheap, and the bendability is worse.


face mask strip manufacturer
The aluminum nose bridge is stamped from a aluminum strip from face mask strip manufacturer. The advantage of aluminum nose bridge is that it has a good bending effect and a strong shape. With hot melt adhesive on the back, it can quickly bond with the mask and improve production efficiency. The surface of face mask aluminum strip is smooth, burr-free and round elliptical corners. With stamping processing, the aluminum strip for nose bridge of face mask can be produced in large quantities quickly.
The face mask strip manufacturer mainly produce aluminum strips for making nose bridges of conventional size: 0.3*3*90mm, 0.4*3*90mm, 0.5*3*90mm, 0.4*5*90mm, 0.5*5*90mm, 0.3*3*85mm, 0.4 *3*85mm, 0.5*3*85mm, 0.4*5*85mm, 0.5*5*85mm.

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