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Aluminum Slats For Roller Shutter Door

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2023-10-12 14:32

Aluminum slats for roller shutter door play a crucial role in the design and manufacturing of roller shutter doors. The specifications of aluminum strips for roller shutter doors also involve material, surface treatment, and color, which need to be chosen according to specific usage environments and requirements.
Aluminum strip with mill finish surface or color coated aluminum strip are both used in roller shutter door manufacturing. The detailed specification of aluminum slats for roller shutter door are:
Alloy: 3004 H19, 5052 H19, 3005 H46, 3005 H48, 5754 H42
Thickness : 0.16~1.5mm
Width: 12.5~200 mm
Coating: High gloss PE 2 coats for both sides (Outdoor)
PE or Acrylic acid (Indoor)


aluminum slats for roller shutter door
Roller shutter doors are usually made of aluminum alloy, which has many advantages:
- Aluminum strip for shutter is not prone to rust and has good durability and corrosion resistance.
- Aluminum alloy roller shutter doors perform well in terms of UV and strong light protection, effectively solving the greenhouse effect caused by sunlight in traditional roller shutter doors.
- The interior of aluminum alloy roller shutter doors usually contains double-row brush sealing and noise reduction strips, which provide good sealing performance.
- Aluminum alloy roller shutter doors are usually filled with polyurethane foam materials, which are not only environmentally friendly but also have insulation functions.
- Compared to high-speed roller shutter doors, aluminum alloy roller shutter doors have a higher cost-effectiveness.
In addition to aluminum slats for roller shutter door, roller shutter doors also use other materials such as polyurethane to achieve different functions and effects. At the same time, various factors such as structural design, processing accuracy, and installation and debugging need to be considered in the manufacturing process of roller shutter doors to ensure their performance and quality meet the standards.

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