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Aluminum Strip For Ventilation Duct

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2024-01-19 17:55

Aluminum strip for ventilation duct is 8011 soft material used for flexible ventilation ducting and semi rigid air ducting. This type of aluminum strip is soft temper with thickness of 0.08-0.13mm, the width is 60mm, so it has good flexibility and malleability, and can be easily bent and twisted, so it is suitable for making the curved part and connecting part of ventilation ducts.

Aluminum strip is used to make flexible ventilation ducts mainly because of its excellent flexibility and malleability, which can be adapted to complex duct designs and is easy to install and handle. At the same time, 8011 aluminum strip also has good corrosion resistance and ventilation performance, which can ensure the long-term stable operation of the ventilation system. In addition, aluminum strip for air duct is relatively light, reducing the weight of the piping and facilitating construction and maintenance. Finally, the cost of aluminum strip is relatively low and economical, which is conducive to reducing the cost of the ventilation system.

aluminum strip for ventilation duct

The characteristics of aluminum strip for flexible ventilation ducts are as follows:
Lightweight and flexible: aluminum strip is lightweight, easy to carry and install, but also able to adapt to a variety of complex ventilation duct design.
Good corrosion resistance: aluminum strip has strong corrosion resistance, can maintain its performance and appearance for a long time, not easy to be oxidized or corroded.
Excellent ventilation performance: aluminum strip has good ventilation performance, can effectively transfer gas and heat, to ensure the normal operation of the ventilation system.
Easy to install: Aluminum strip air duct are easy to install, can be bent and twisted as needed, and can also be connected and fixed with other materials.
Affordable: compared with other metal materials, the manufacturing cost of aluminum strip is lower, so it can reduce the cost of ventilation ducts.

In conclusion, aluminum strip for ventilation duct is a lightweight, flexible, corrosion-resistant, excellent ventilation performance, easy to install and affordable material, suitable for making a variety of ventilation ducting systems.

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