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Cable shielding insulation aluminum strip

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2019-05-27 16:37

The cable shielding insulation aluminum strip 1060 8011 O 0.12-0.20 mm are mainly used for the shields of cables. The aluminum strip has a neat and clean section, no burrs, cracks, edges, towers, loose rolls, die stringing, arrows, strings, lifting bars, bumps, etc. Besides of cable shielding, there are many other uses for aluminum strips, such as aluminum-plastic composite pipes, transformers winding, heaters, blinds, shutter and so on.

cable shielding insulation aluminum strip

The specification of cable shielding aluminum strip are:
Alloy: 1060 8011
Temper: O(soft)
Thickness: 0.12-0.20mm
Width: 10-300mm
Core Inner Diameter: 76
Maximum Outer Diameter: 500
The aluminum strip for cable provides a 100% wrap coverage for the wire and provides better shielding performance. The aluminum strip has the advantages of good shielding, good flexibility, high mechanical strength, moisture resistance and good sealing performance.

Cable shields are available in both metal and non-metallic shields, depending on the type of cable. In order to shield and homogenize the electric field, carries the fault current, the power cable usually use the form of a metal shield. The role of shielding is to homogenize the electric field, reduce interference, heat shielding and protection. The cable shielding insulation aluminum strip can implement the above functions, not only protect the cable from broken, but also provide reliable shield, thus the cable aluminum strip are welcomed in cable industry.

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