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Aluminum transformer bus bar

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2019-10-17 17:27

1070 aluminum transformer bus bar has characteristics of low density, high strength, good plasticity, excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Aluminum bus bar for transformer has conductivity of 56.5 ~60%, IACS quota: 20°C (68F) 2.69g/cm3, tensile resistance of 172.4~220.7 MPa, and hardness: HRF 45 ~ 65. So the aluminum busbar are widely used in power plants, substations, industrial and civil power leads.

aluminum transformer bus bar

The main performance of the aluminum transformer busbar is reflected in:
1) Aluminum busbar adopts advanced technology, smooth surface, high dimensional accuracy, tensile strength, and is not easy to generate discharge and deformation;
2) The aluminum strip and transformer bus bar adopts rare earth and heat-resistant aluminum alloy materials developed by the company and has excellent processing, welding, electrical and heat resistance. The products have been certified by the science and technology department and reached the advanced level;
3) The convection heat dissipation condition is good, the temperature rise is low, the loss is small, the conductivity is strong, and the current carrying capacity is high;
4) High heat resistance, can improve the working temperature of the aluminum busbar (working temperature reaches 150 °C-200 °C), the conductor has high mechanical strength at high temperature, and improve the safety and reliability of the power transmission and transformation system.

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