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Aluminum strip rolls with low cost

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2019-10-10 17:39

Haomei produce aluminum strip rolls with low cost, which can be applied to aluminum-plastic composite pipes, cables, cables, transformers, heaters, shutters, etc. Haomei adopt aluminum strip billet continuous casting and rolling process, which has the advantages of high efficiency, high accuracy, stable processing and low scrap rate.

aluminum strip rolls

The aluminum strip billet continuous casting and rolling process is an advanced production process introduced from abroad in the 1980s. The basic process is: aluminum ingot → melting furnace → static furnace → degassing → filtration → casting nozzle → rolling mill → intermediate unit → Coiler. The utility model is characterized in that the molten aluminum liquid is cast and rolled into a slab of 6-10 mm thick and 650-1400 mm wide and wound up, and then directly sent to the cold rolling mill for finishing rolling, so that the ingot is omitted in the production process of the aluminum strip coil material. The process of heating, hot rolling, blanking, etc. not only shortens the process flow of aluminum strip production, but also greatly reduces the construction construction capital, reduces the metal burning loss during the production process, saves energy, and can easily realize the continuous production of aluminum strips. It is used for coiling aluminum and aluminum alloy cold coils, through the unit's unwinding and cutting head, trimming, joint stitching, surface cleaning, drying, stretching side straightening, board surface inspection, coiling and refining process. It is a flat, clean, uniform color and neatly rolled product suitable for the production of high quality products such as smooth slate, no grease, surface water, lacquer coating, decoration and compounding. After cold rolling, the aluminum and aluminum alloy strips are transversely sheared or the sheets of different lengths are required. The machine is unrolled, fed, flattened, trimmed, trimmed, rolled, and sheared. Components such as fascia board. Main product index of aluminum strip rolls are: thickness: 0.3-12mm, width: 50-500mm, length: 500-4500mm.

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