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1070 aluminum bus bar for transformers

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2019-03-20 16:23

1070 aluminum bus bar for transformers adopt 99.97% high-purity aluminum as raw material and is processed by advanced extrusion, leveling, sawing and other production processes. With the advanced technology, the conductivity of 1070 aluminum bus bar can be ensured to be greater than or equal to the national standard.

1070 aluminum bus bar for transformers

Aluminum bus bar, also known as aluminum busbar or aluminum flat bar, is made of aluminum and has a rectangular or chamfered (rounded) rectangular long conductor (now generally use rounded bars to avoid tip discharge). The aluminum bus bar has a high super-strong conductivity. Aluminum busbar refers to a rectangular cross section for electrical equipment lines and long strips of aluminum. Aluminum bus bar can be mainly used in electrical engineering of high and low voltage transformers, switch contacts, power distribution equipment, busbar trunking, etc. Aluminum bus bar is used as conductive bus, which has the advantages of low resistivity, large bendability, ductile and malleable.

Main features of the 1070 aluminum bus bar for transformers products are:
1, high conductivity up to 56.5-60.

2, the 1070 aluminum alloy is light in weight, strong in strength, and has strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance on the surface.
3, no magnetic, can avoid the hysteresis consumption phenomenon with other metals.
4, complete specifications, there are bus bar, flat bar, strip with round or square edge.

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