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Color coated aluminum strip

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2020-09-08 14:50

The color coated aluminum strip 3004, 3005 and 5052 H19 are usually used for shutter manufacturing with thickness of 0.125-0.25mm. Aluminum strip has many uses, such as transformers, headphones and heaters. Generally, aluminum strips are silver, which is very common and popular. After been color coated, the painted aluminum strip is more commonly used in interior decoration, etc. because of its strong weather resistance, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.

Color coated aluminum strip

Color coated aluminum strip is the coloring treatment of the surface layer of aluminum strip coil. The currently main two paints of color coated aluminum strip are fluorocarbon (PVDF) and polyester (PE), which we also call fluorocarbon color coated aluminum strip and polyester color coated aluminum strip. The paint color and effect between the two can be same, but the price gap between the two is not small. The main reason is that the cost of paint is quite different. Fluorocarbon paint contains fluorine, which has better weather resistance, longer service life and higher price. The advantages of Haomei color coated aluminium strip are: uniform color, bright and clean, strong adhesion, sturdiness and durability, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet radiation, acid and alkali resistance, after high-temperature grilling to form a film, it becomes more smooth and beautiful.

Color coated aluminum strip surface is degreasing and chemically treated, then high-quality paint is rolled and dried and cured. The flatness of the surface paint film is higher than that of the sprayed board. The color is divided into pearlescent and matte. The most common ones on the market are pearlescent. Its price is higher than spraying. Its biggest feature is the high degree of color simulation; the quality of the roll coating process varies greatly. In addition to all materials, it is also related to the coloring in several times. For example, two coatings and two rolls are sprayed. It is baked once, and then sprayed and baked again, so that the color is more even and smooth. Good products are expensive and durable.

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