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Al foil for transformer

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2020-08-11 14:29

Al foil for transformer is used for processing winding for dry type transformer, which grade are 1060 and 1070. The low-voltage winding is made of aluminum strip copper foil, which has good conductivity, high iron core window filling factor, high mechanical strength, and strong ability to resist sudden short circuits. High-voltage windings use oxygen-free aluminum wires, thin insulation casting, special distribution Segment layer structure, high point strength, good heat dissipation performance, low load temperature rise, strong overload capacity. Using high-performance low partial discharge resin, reasonable insulation structure, uniform electric field distribution, making it superior in electrical performance and improving resistance The ability to be impacted by lightning.

al foil for transformer

The users of transformers are distributed in industrial manufacturing, real estate, high-speed rail, transportation, new energy power generation and other fields. Transformer technology of aluminum strip coils in Western countries and Japan. As early as the 20th century, the production of transformers in European countries also adopted a large number of aluminum strip for transformer solutions and had mature technical standards. Up to now, aluminum strip foil transformers are still used in large quantities in Europe and the United States. Aluminum strip winding transformers have a huge stock market in Europe and the United States. Since the introduction of aluminum strip transformer technology into the country, after more than ten years of optimization and technical upgrades, it has become a very mature product. Its appearance has solved the tension and energy-saving problems of copper materials, and has also saved huge costs for the country’s infrastructure.


According to comprehensive industry data, from a technical point of view, al foil for transformer cast with epoxy resin in distribution transformers will not be a problem, but rather better. Because the expansion coefficient of aluminum is closer to that of epoxy resin than copper, the safety of the transformer is better. Therefore, in Europe, most epoxy resin cast transformers use aluminum strips. As long as the manufacturing quality is good, the aluminum strip coil transformer will have no problems in use.

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